Get ready to raise your much-needed funds while putting a smile on everyone's face! Gourmet popcorn is much loved everywhere and our handcrafted batches will be made to your order when sales are complete.

1. High Profit
Jody's Gourmet Popcorn loves helping the community! Your group keeps a whopping 50% of the proceeds for every sale!

2. It's all about the taste!
Jody's 9 sweet & savory flavor choices make it hard to resist. From Kettle Corn to Cheesy Jalapeño, there's a flavor for everyone to fall in love with!

3. Poppin' Price Point
Your group has an option of 2 bag types to sell. 

4. Easy as 1, 2, 3 oh & 4!

  1. Download and print the fundraising form or send us a message and we        will send you hard copies of our fundraising form: Popcorn fundraising (with chocolate)
  2. Raise Money, You know what to do!
  3. Download and Turn in Master Order Form: Master Order Form. Fill out the master order form that lists the total number of bags sold for your group and email it to Then submit payment with credit card or check.
  4. See your hard work pay off! Hooray! You have successfully raised money for your group! Good job!