About Jody's



My love of popcorn goes back a long way!

When we were in college, my husband Alan and I took date night strolls down the streets of Chicago sharing caramel corn. Alan even hid my engagement ring in the prize envelope of a Cracker Jack box giving me the surprise of my life. To this day, he still won’t tell me how he got the ring into the sealed box! When we moved to Virginia Beach, we realized that the area was missing out on fresh caramel corn and that is when the idea for Jody’s Popcorn was born.

My husband, Alan, and I were determined to create a caramel corn MORE DELICIOUS than we had ever tasted. In 2005, we began crafting a new recipe in our kitchen at home. In fact, it took us 53 tries! After tweaking batch after batch, we arrived at our FAMOUS RECIPE 53 CARAMEL CORN!

Although we soon grew out of our home kitchen, we still put our popcorn through rigorous trials using the HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS and have now mastered OVER 30 INDULGENT FLAVORS.

Our caring Popcorn Specialists HAND-CRAFT each batch to ensure you get the VERY BEST-TASTING POPCORN! Jody's Popcorn is RICHLY COATED, made with premium ingredients such as; REAL BUTTER and NON-GMO KERNELS. 

Today, Jody's Gourmet Popcorn is a favorite all ACROSS THE COUNTRY.

Like Alan and I, I hope you will create your own memories around Jody’s Popcorn. Whether it is giving a loved one the gift of Jody’s or sharing a bag on the couch for family movie night, we want Jody’s to be a part of your family.

Yours Truly,

Jody Wagner