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Jodys Popcorn

Movie Theme Tin, 3.5 Gallon

Movie Theme Tin, 3.5 Gallon

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Introducing our Movie Night Popcorn Tin – a cinematic delight wrapped in the allure of the silver screen. Picture this: a stylish tin adorned with iconic movie motifs, capturing the essence of Hollywood glamour and the thrill of a blockbuster premiere. This tin isn't just a container; it's your ticket to a cinematic adventure right in the comfort of your home.

These 3.5 Gallon Tins come filled with 3 delicious flavors – 10oz of our signature Recipe 53 Caramel Corn, 4oz of our delightful Sea Salt and 4oz of our indulgent Double Cheddar. 

Our premium caramel blend delicately coats the popcorn, creating a wonderful flavor that you’ll have to taste to believe. Made with the finest ingredients including REAL vanilla & butter and hand-crafted in small batches by Jody's dedicated Team Members.

White cheddar & sharp cheddar are better together! Double Cheddar is one of our best-selling flavors. Coated in white cheddar & sharp yellow cheese – delicious! This jar is great for parties, snacking, and gifting! 

Our Sea Salt Popcorn is better than the popcorn in the movie theaters! Made with only 3 simple ingredients, our Sea Salt Popcorn is the best guilt-free snack! Vegan friendly, Kosher Certified and Gluten Free. Made with Non-GMO whole grain kernels, our popcorn is hand crafted by Jody’s team members in small batches. No preservatives, and no artificial flavors or colors.


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