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Jody's Designer Mailer-Corn-GRAD-ulatins!

Want to send someone a Congratulations present? Enjoy Jody's Designer Mailer with 4 bags of popcorn!  This assortment includes our NEW Foil gourmet bags which have a longer shelf life. You will receive 1 bag of our Recipe 53 Caramel Corn, 1 bag of our Kettle Corn, 1 bag of our Double Cheddar, and 1 bag of Recipe 53 Caramel Corn with a Corn-GRAD-ulations Label!  Yum!

Our Designer Mailers are ideal for those who want a variety of flavors. Each box comes with four bags of our delicious popcorn and can be shipped directly to the recipient!

Box Includes:

1 Foil Signature Recipe 53 Caramel Corn Bag

1 Foil Old Fashioned Kettle Corn Bag

1 Foil Double Cheddar Popcorn Bag

1 Clear Signature Recipe 53 Caramel Corn Bag with a CORN-grad-ulations label

Approx. 4 Cups per Bag

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$ 19.95

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