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Whether you are giving gifts to one stakeholder in your business or many, Jody's Popcorn can make the process efficient and easy. To send our regularly labeled items to individuals or companies, simply select the item of choice and complete associated address and gift message fields. We will ensure fresh, flavorful Jody's Popcorn is quickly on its way to your very important recipient. We can send all of the items to you or direct to designated addressees.

Corporate Discounts and Employee Incentives

Jody's Popcorn welcomes the opportunity to work with employee incentive programs or to provide your company with bulk purchasing discounts. Simply request your brand's own promotion code and we will set up discounted employee and company pricing for your designated shoppers' use. Please allow two business days to ensure we have the promotion code entered and ready. You will receive details and can supply the discount to all of your employees within the week!

Please note that requesting entities must be licensed businesses with an online presence and designated human resources or corporate incentives contact. We may need to verify business status prior to promotion code release.

Request your corporate discount or promotion code today!

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