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More and more people are showcasing and serving flavored popcorn at special events. This on-trend idea includes great creativity in design of the perfect Popcorn Bar suited to the event theme and color scheme.

The sky's the limit for how popcorn can be enticingly presented for guests to snack on while mingling, dancing and otherwise enjoying your spectacular party.

Popcorn for Everyone

The great thing about popcorn as an event food is that everyone loves it. Vegetarians, diabetics, old, young, gluten-free dieters, people trying to lose weight...everyone can still enjoy Jody's Popcorn! Because all of our popcorn is kosher, it is a spectacular idea for traditional Jewish events and holidays, too.

Go ahead. Get creative. Popcorn serves well in just about any type of container or cup. Cupcake liners, decorative paper cups, bags, wrappings, buckets, bowls...you name it! Have fun with the design of your Jody's Popcorn bar and watch everyone have fun digging in with delight.

Jody's Popcorn and More!

All of Jody's Popcorn is also available in bulk quantities with even lower pricing for direct transfer into your event containers. We can also custom label your popcorn if you prefer to serve individual bags. Don't forget that large quantities can also be colored to match your theme.

Check out our great pre-designed and ready-to-customize labels for Baby Showers, Bar Mitzvahs/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16 Parties and Wedding events.

Finally, Jody's Popcorn store in Virginia Beach carries a wide variety of gourmet sweet treats like fudge, too! Complete your Jody's Popcorn Bar with some sweet decadence, if desired.

All of Jody's Popcorn is available for event presentations and bulk sale. Below are some of our party favorites. Beyond these, check out custom labels, candy corn and all of Jody's flavors.


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